About Us

Designers, Manufacturers, and Retailers 

of Rose Gifts, Rose Accessories Complements,
and Condiments.

Boutique Potpourri and Dried Flowers.


Base on
the fringe of Clevedon, you will find our Home that is just blooming with
excitement and colour. Purchasing it over 4 years ago with only having viewed
the Garden that at the time was overgrown and in need of TLC, we set about to
repair and restore it to its prior glory.

In Dec
2019, caring and budding my 75 rose bushes of all varieties and colour and my
love for flowers and nature, we talked and decided it was time to share our
excitement and passion for flowers that only enticed the 5 senses sensational

Visitors and friends constantly refer to the property as the Wedding Garden, a
place to celebrate. Every day is a celebration, so to celebrate and share our
passion and beauty that surrounds us, we have established and created.


Now it is
our time to share it with the World.and

Our Logo

“”Our Logo” came about one day when I was in the Garden and picked what I viewed as a perfect
rose. At the same time, it was the anniversary of a dear friend’s father’s
parting. He was renowned for Roses’ love, so I took a photo in memory of him to
share with the family. When I went back and had a good look at the photo, I
realized it was just the right image for my Logo.


The original owner and designer of the rose circle left a diagram and list of the
roses she planted. The rose is by David Austin; however, the name is not
recorded. It starts as a very tight budded pale pink rose, then expands
overnight and cups out. Just beautiful with a divine soft subtle fragrance. We
have the most aromatic rose hips on the boundaries, which I have, enjoyed
turning into good old-fashioned Rose Hip Jelly.


For now, watch this space as we expand and develop more garden beds of beauty, adding to
them my personal favourite, the Dahlia.

Our Garden