Edible Flowers and Condiments

With their unique flavours, textures and colours, edible flowers have become popular. They provide Colour, aroma, flavour, texture and are very decorative.

They have become a culinary delight.

Our Dried Edible Flower range finishes and complements the pantry list.

Our vinegar is made from Dried rose petals and added to White Rice Vinegar.

Add this to a quality Olive or Grape Oil with a few crush Dried Rose Petals.

“Hey Presto” you have a new Salad Dressing that delights the taste buds, with you coming back for more.

You have endless opportunities to create style and flair to your masterpiece.

Become that Master Chef you have always wanted to be.

The Nasturtiums added to scones is just amazing the flavour bites the taste buds.

Come on give it a “GO”

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Showing all 3 results