Rose Water


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Packaged in a 100 ml Cobalt Bottles comes with a Spritz interchangeable lid

Uses are endless from the bathroom to the Kitchen

Spritz or toner for face

Spritz for ironing or on pillowcases

Just lovely in baking

Adds a hint of flavor to cakes and baking.

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Rose Water is another one of Nature’s friends.

It can combat bacteria, beauty aid, and nourish inner health.

All naturally distilled with the finest of our roses.

Organic and pest free made from our finest rose grown here in Clevedon.

This is a perfect complement to any bathroom, kitchen, or first aid cupboard.

Packaged in 100 ml Cobalt Bottles and comes with a Spritz interchangeable lid to change for required use.

Uses are endless from the bathroom to the Kitchen.

Sold with a spritzer to aid with the application.

Spritz or toner for face absolutely refreshing making you feel alive.

I Spritz Rose Water on my pillowcases when ironing, so appealing and relaxing.

Just lovely in baking, added with our edible flowers and rose vinegar.

Adds a hint of flavour to cakes and baking. Gives it a zing.


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Rose Water

Aids with Beauty, Healing, Kills some Bacteria's, Hydrating, 100 ml Cobalt Blue Bottle with Spritzer


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